Monday, October 25, 2004

DIRE, letters, & elevators

Today I got my DIRE, finally. Now I know what it stands for: Documento de Identificacao e Residencia para Estrangeiros. It's a very official-looking (like a passport) small booklet with my picture (a very bad one) in it.

I sent my first letters from Mozambique yesterday. It was very exciting, and I got extra stamps just to save. And this made me feel like a stamp collector, and I got sort of nervous about that.

And today I rode an elevator at the lawyer's office. I never had before because T. said she saw people stuck on it one time, and so every time we've walked to the 5th floor (which is 12 flights of stairs). But today I was with S. and he called me a coward, so I figured what the heck, and we went. The entry to it was a single push/pull door, just like any other door, and there was no inner door. It was very weird, but we made it both up and down safely, so hooray. For non-trappedness and new experiences.


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